Pedrito Coco Will Have You Feeling Like You're Vacationing in the Tropics


Take a vacation to the tropics with Pedrito Coco. Pulsum Brands designed the beautiful conceptual packaging for this coconut-flavored liquor. “Pedrito Coco is a coconut-flavored liquor from Ecuador. Pedrito is known for its cheap and poor-quality products, but this liquor makes its path into every party; people drink it just for fun….Click to read full post… » Read More Packaging & Articles at          Related Posts:Hafrsfjord Gin is Inspired By a Norwegian KingWhitetooth Brewing Company’s New Brews Have a Geometric FlairThis Vodka Is Bringing Some Traditional VibesThese Wine Label Concepts Are Full of Fun 
Pedrito Coco Will Have You Feeling Like You’re Vacationing in the Tropics