Whitetooth Brewing Company's New Brews Have a Geometric Flair


Hired Guns Creative has come out with the gorgeous geometric designs for Whitetooth Brewing Company’s High Gravity series of brews.”For the Whitetooth Brewing Company‘s High Gravity series, a high-end lineup of adventurous seasonal beers, we were tasked with creating a new look with the right tone – distinct from the core lineup, while playing to the strength of the…Click to read full post… » Read More Packaging & Articles at TheDieline.com          Related Posts:Vitoru is the Cold Pressed Juice for the Modern Design LoverThis Packaging Was Inspired By the Surrealists of the 20sPedrito Coco Will Have You Feeling Like You’re Vacationing in…
Whitetooth Brewing Company’s New Brews Have a Geometric Flair